[HUMOR] God damn fish

Mark Q. Maxham (max@atg.apple.com)
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 10:18:31 -0800

So this nun is leaving the rectory to go to the market to buy some food for
dinner. She arrives at the fish market and sees the clerk there and asks him
if he has any specials today.

He replies with "Well, I have all of this God damn fish here to sell!" The
nun replies with "Please, I am a nun, you should not use language like that
with me."

He replies,"No, that is the name of the fish. It's really good." The nun
decides to buy a few pounds and returns back home to the rectory.

Later that afternoon the priest walks in, and asks, "Whats for dinner?" The
nun replies, "Nothing special. Just some of this God damn fish." The priest
then expresses his displeasure at the use of God's name taken in vain, and the
nun explains the fact about the name of the fish.

About an hour later, the bishop pops in and asks the same thing, going through
the same steps as the priest just has. Afterwards, he also announces that the
Pope will be stopping by for dinner on his way back to Vatican City.

They all sit down to eat, and after the meal the nun leans back and says
"Thats the best God damn fish I ever ate!" In turn, the bishop then exclaims,
"that God damn fish was really good!" And, in like manner the priest then
says, "I've eaten alot of fish, but this God damn fish is the best fish I ever

The Pope, beaming, says to everyone, "I love you fucking guys!"