[HUMOR] The 3DO Interview (true)

Mark Q. Maxham (max@atg.apple.com)
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 10:18:31 -0800

True story:

One of my housemates, a UT alum, works for 3DO (a video game company like Sega). 3DO's CEO is Trip Hawkins (this information to become relevant). He interviewed a Baker alum recently. (I didn't get the guy's name). Part of the interview went like this:

Interviewer: I see you went to Rice. What college were you in?
Baker guy: Baker.
I: Oh, as in like the Baker Thirteen.
B: Uh, yeah, I used to run around naked covered with shaving cream.
I: [scribbling] I see.
B: Uh, is there any particular reason you asked that?
I: We make interviewees do the same thing here at 3DO.
B: I see. At least you don't have guys with big buckets of water.
I: Oh, that doesn't happen until the interview with Trip.