[HUMOR] truth is stranger

Mark Q. Maxham (max@research.apple.com)
Mon, 22 Jul 96 10:36:09 CDT

A comment from my friend Rich, regarding recent Clinton scandal:
My favorite part of this Prostitute scandal was when they interviewed the
Star reporter on Larry King. Someone asked the reporter how he knew
Richard ("call me Dick") Morris had been spilling state secrets to the
hooker. The reporter said that the hooker had convinced him when she told
him about a number of events before they got public press; therefore, she
must have heard them from an insider. For example? Apparently she told
the reporter about the Life on Mars story before NASA announced it
(strategically delayed as it was to coincide with their budget request).

OK, stay with me here.

Imagine you are the reporter, and this prostitute tries to convince you of
her credibility by telling you that the government will shortly announce
that extraterrestial life has been found.

Now imagine a week later when it happens.

Truth is stranger than fiction.