[HUMORLIKE] Scott Adams on Babylon 5

Gordon Garb (ggarb@apple.com)
07 Feb 97 16:59:00 -0800

>Babylon 5 Trip Report
>By Scott Adams
>For those of you who are hopelessly uninformed about the truly
>important things in life, Babylon 5 is the best television series ever
>created. But I plan to change all that by appearing in a small speaking
>part airing sometime in May. I play the part of Mr. Adams, a
>somewhat deranged fellow. (It's a syndicated show, so it runs at
>different times and on different stations in each market. Check your
>TV listings.)
>I recommend that you watch it and learn the ultimate answer to the
>question, "How bad can an actor be before he is slapped senseless by
>the director?"
>The director for this episode was Tony Dow, who played big brother
>Wally on the "Leave It To Beaver" show in the sixties. So this put
>added pressure on me because if Tony could put up with the Beaver
>he's obviously a man of great patience. I would hate to be the one who
>finally made him snap.
>If you haven't seen Babylon 5, you have to watch about three episodes
>before you can figure out who is doing what to whom. But it's worth
>it. I recommend that you start this week. In fact, I'm begging you.
>The producers hinted that if my appearance causes a ratings increase
>during the February sweeps weeks I might get another part where I
>can have sex with an alien. And if you know anything about me you
>know it's all I think about.
>So please, for the love of Dogbert, tell all your friends to watch this
>show from now on. (It really is terrific.)
>And check out their web page at www.babylon5.com or check out
>www.thestation.com to figure out who is who.