Disgusting Food List

This was originally the result of one of those sleep-deprivation psychoses. Now, it's the Internet's largest cooperative gross-out!

The idea here is that you put foods -- that people would otherwise eat -- in nauseating combinations. So ingredients like vomit, toenails, and condensed farts, while indeed disgusting, don't count.

I thought about making an exception for haggis, because even though some people like it, most of those people are Scottish.

Please don't submit more than two or three ingredients in your candidate disgusting food. For example, "deep fried clams with a chocolate hoseradish tartar sauce and a side of eel in a wild cherry aspic smothered in a vanilla chipolte chutney". Any five things are probably nasty in combination. The trick is to find two great tastes that taste awful together.

One of these days I'll honor a few foods that are disgusting unto themselves: haggis, Orbitz, vegemite, marmite (Thanks Vipey), and melkfleisch.

Disgusting things to do with food

Disgusting Food Games

I love my audience.

Maurile Tremblay writes:

Wow, that Disgusting Food List is very similar to a game my roommate and I invented spontaneously a few years ago, and which we still play now and then. You might enjoy it. One person sings, as beautifully and seriously as possible, something like, "I would like some raisin gumbo with avocados and licorice, topped with a caramelized turkey gravy" -- then, finishing triumphantly -- "and who can blame me?"

Which leads the other person to counter: "I would like a strawberry short cake, filled with pepperoni and humus, and soaked in clam juice and relish. And who can blame me?"

Which, of course, leads to: "I would like a turkey jerky strudel with powdered sugar and wheat germ, marinated in a melted-chocolate-frozen-yogurt sauce with hash browns and relish on the side. And who can blame me?"

(Relish tends to appear quite frequently. It goes with just about anything.)

And so on, back and forth. It's pretty fun.

C. Spencer writes:
My sister and I used to have sleepovers when we were younger. We would have four or five of our friends over and we would take a big Mason jar half full of milk and set it in the middle of the table. First person would roll a dice. Whoever got the lowest number would have to add anything--anything *at all*--to the jar. The one with the highest roll had to take at least a swallow of it. This would continue until a terribly disgusting concoction came in to being and nobody would drink it or somebody threw up, which ever came first. We once ended up with a milk, pickle juice, relish, cat food, coffee ground, and a-bunch-of-other-stuff cocktail.
J. Egan writes:
In my house, we have one of those corner cabinets which has a round, 3-level turntable inside. When I was younger and my friend came over to spend the night, we'd play THE SPICE OF LIFE. One person would sit on the counter in front of this corner cabinet. The other would spin the turntable. Once it stopped, the sitter would point behind them until they touched a bottle/can/jar/etc. While the sitter closed her eyes, the spinner would then have to serve up a spoonful or whatever the sitter pointed to.

This cabinet was our 'condiments' and 'spices' cabinet so you can only imagine some of the things I ate. Imagine a whole teaspoon full of garlic!

Sarah Savage writes:
Me and all my friends use to play a game we called the "discsuting food game" actually....One of us would be blindfolded and the rest of us would mix up the grossests foods we could (i.e. ketchup, mustard, cherries, oarngejuice, hot sause, beans, pizza, bread, onion......) and when it smelled so bad we thought wed puke making it, wed make them open their mouth and feed them at least a bite, and they had to swallow..... You would not believe the amount of vomit involved in that game (then fed to another person....lol)

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