Things to see: some stuff about me, some pictures, various ruminations, a journal I kept when I was a camp counselor, my wish list, the humor archives, what's on my bookshelf, my brushes with greatness, what people were searching for when they found my pages, disgusting food, how to build a war pig, a small collection of anecdotes, notes about the world's greatest sport, ultimate, some cohousing information, the place I used to live, Geekhaus, the place I plan to live someday, Geeksville, my ranch, more pictures from Camp Winnarainbow, my Survivor application, or my fancy new spring-loaded stilts.

I had the priviledge of interviewing the legendary trapeze artist Tony Steele.

I am also a stilt instructor.

I get my blueberries at Serres Ranch.

Click here to read a persuasive Open Letter advocating an alternate theory of Intelligent Design.

If you found my page because of Po Bronson's book "The Nudist on the Late Shift", you might be interested in my errata.

From the quote file:

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